Dear Friends of In Season,

As many of you know, In Season has closed for the summer.  Our plan was to reopen in the Fall with a new, more “fine dining” concept.  After much consideration on how this new venture would affect my life, both professionally and personally, I have decided not to move forward with the reopening.  I am blessed to have two things I want to focus my attention on - The Kenwood Restaurant and a wonderful family!
For those of you looking forward to the reopening, I can understand the disappointment.  I would encourage you to check out The Kenwood, where we offer much of what In Season offered and more - great service, seasonally changing menu, etc... and we offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch. 

Thank you all for the incredible support you showed to In Season.  We had an absolute blast while we were there!

Chef Don Saunders
The Kenwood Restaurant
2115 W 21st St, Minneapolis, MN 55405